Job Categories

United World Manpower will help the recruiting companies to fulfill following positions under different categories.

Office & Personal Management
Office Manager Assistant Manager Marketing Manager Sales Manager
Administrative Manager Accountant Cashier Secretary
Storekeeper Purchaser Clerk Typist
Computer Programmer Computer Operator Salesman Office Boy/Tea Boy
Light Vehicle Driver Heavy Vehicle Driver Heavy Equipment Operator Truck Driver
Lorry Driver Trailer Driver Forklift Operator Crane Operator
Auto Machine Heavy Duty Driver Mechanics (Petro/Diesel) Others
Garment & Textile Industry
Patron Maker Cutting Master Production Manager Supervisors
Tailor Checker Helper Others
Surgery Doctor Nurse Others
Engineer Surveyor Mason Steel Fixer
Carpenter Welder Foreman Plumber & others
Food & Beverage Manager Cook Restaurant Captain Supervisor
Butcher Cleaner Security Guard Barman
Waiter/Waitress Room Boy Kitchen Steward Accountant
Chef/Chinese Chef Tandoori Cook Laundry Man Others
Security Manager Security Supervisor Security Foreman Security Officer
Security Guard Body Guard Watchman Others